Seattle Rated the Most Sustainable City in the Nation

(Originally published on 09/11/14)

STAR Communities awarded Seattle a 5-STAR Community Rating for national leadership in sustainability, making it the top-scoring community to date, and one of only two cities in the nation to achieve the 5-STAR rating.

STAR (Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating) Communities is a nonprofit organization that provides local leaders with a framework for assessing their sustainability, setting targets for moving forward and measuring progress to goal. Its rating system identifies seven sustainability goal areas: Built Environment, Climate & Energy, Economy & Jobs, Education, Arts & Community, Equity & Empowerment, Health & Safety, and Natural Systems.

The report cites the city’s commitment to carbon neutrality, leading edge energy efficiency programs, transportation choices, and the Green Seattle Partnership as noteworthy efforts to promote citywide sustainability.

In the Health and Safety category, Seattle received a score of 90.9 out of 100, reflecting strong performance on a robust set of indicators for active living, community health, emergency prevention and response, food access and nutrition, indoor air quality, natural and human hazards and safe communities.  The city earned high marks for increasing access to healthful food, improvements to and use of bicycle and pedestrian amenities, high quality health systems, and other initiatives that have made Seattle a healthy place to live.

Read the announcement and the full report on the STAR Communities website.

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